Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Homeopathy

March 15, 2017



Pregnancy and Motherhood can bring so many changes and transitions. Homeopathy offers a 200 year history of use before, during, and after childbirth for both mom and baby that is safe and effective for maintaining and re-balancing health when necessary.


What is Homeopathy?  It is a system of natural care that is successful in addressing common and uncommon health complaints. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources, and produced in FDA approved homeopathic pharmacies here in the United States. Homeopathy stimulates and strengthens the body’s own defenses to create a healing response. Homeopathy allows the body to heal by not suppressing health concerns, but by addressing the whole person as opposed to looking at one part or one health issue. By using a homeopathic remedy that matches the precise picture of physical or emotional complaint a person is exhibiting, the remedy then begins to help the body reestablish balance and vitality. Individuals and parents around the world find it useful for home use, and for professional care in acute or chronic health situations.

By sharing a short homeopathic case with you I can give a better understanding of how homeopathic care can be used.


Pregnancy and Anxiety:  JC is 36 weeks pregnant. This is her second pregnancy. She has been doing well, eating healthy, and sleeping fairly well, but having a little discomfort now as the baby grows. Her doctor is happy with her progress. Since her first pregnancy and delivery went well the expectation for this one is for the same good outcome. She came to see me because of some anxiety she started to experience in the last two weeks. She spoke to her doctor about what she has been experiencing and would like to try a more natural approach to this situation.  The expression of her anxiety as she has explained to me in the homeopathic intake interview is:

~ Hands, trembling

~ Feet, trembling

~ Headache, with the anxiety

~ Weakness, sensation of

~ Fearful, of the upcoming birth event


Based on my full interview with her and these key expressions of her anxiety, a homeopathic remedy was chosen that most closely fit what she was experiencing and feeling on a physical and emotional level. The remedy Gelsemium was used and she transitioned through the anxiety fairly quickly, gaining relief from the anxiety and readiness for her next new life event, the birth of her second child.


It is important to remember that as individuals we will all express what is happening to us, physically or emotionally, very differently. This is why in homeopathy many different remedies will be looked at to determine the best fit for each individual. Someone else feeling anxious may express their anxiety differently than JC did and therefore will require a remedy other than Gelsemium.


This case represents a small picture into the usefulness and scope of what homeopathy can offer and help with. Homeopathy is used in pregnancy, labor and delivery, and during the post-partum period. Common conditions Mom might experience during these periods, could include, but are not limited to:

~ Morning sickness

~ Constipation

~ Nursing issues & Mastitis

~ Bruising and discomfort after delivery

~ Acute illness in mom-to-be such as colds, flu, gastrointestinal issues, seasonal or chronic allergies

~ Hormonal imbalances

~ Fatigue and sleep issues

~ Mental and emotional well-being (anxiety, depression, etc.)


Remembering that homeopathy is nontoxic and covers a large scope of conditions, you will find it perfect to use with our littlest ones and the whole family too.


I will be speaking on more uses of homeopathy for moms and children at the end of March through the Island Birth Association’s monthly education series. Check their website for more details.


Best Health!




Kerry McCaslin is a professionally trained classical homeopathic practitioner. She completed six years of professional and clinical training with nationally known homeopath, Dr. Diderik Finne, and completed her required academic studies in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology with internationally known homeopath, Dr. Will Taylor. Kerry is a professional member of the Washington State Homeopathy Association, the National Center for Homeopathy, Island Birth Association, and Whidbey Island Holistic Health Association. She is also a graduate of Western Washington University.

Kerry lives in Oak Harbor with her husband, three teenagers and two cats. She can be reached through her website at




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